About Us


Seven by Seven

Seven by Seven was started in July 2019 by Rich and Quest. It was inspired by Quest's experience of taking part in South London Vinyl Experience events in Tooting (run by Garfield Bailey) - and he had the idea of doing something similar when he moved North to Leeds. Rich was keen and Inkwell were up for hosting it. The name comes from the B-side of the Hawkwind single Silver Machine - which features in our posters and publicity material.


Rich and Quest

Rich and Graeme (aka Quest) are old school friends from Maryport in West Cumbria. Their unlikely alliance was founded in the late 1970s on a common love of music and drinking. Rich was a punk and was the lead singer in legendary Cumbrian group Counter Attack. Quest was a hopeless prog rock fan and Bob Dylan obsessive. 


Some history...

Photo by Quest circa 1980.